Metal tile is an alternative to a conventional tile, shingle or shake roof system.  Metal tile is generally stone coated and shaped to resemble either a tile or a wood shake profile.  Many people have seen a metal tile roof and do not realize that it is not a concrete tile or a wood shake.  They tend to last longer and are warranted for up to 150 mph winds.  The manufacturers give a 50 year or limited lifetime warranty on these types of roofs. They come in many colors and special order colors can be requested.
Metal tile roofs are lightweight and can be installed on a building that is not “strong enough” for a tile roof.  They generally come in four foot panels that are installed with or without battens on the roof.  Metal tile roofs have been around for many years only now are they becoming more popular to use.  A lot of homeowners and business owners have switched to metal tile after the Hurricanes in the last few years, because they have proven to be better at handling the strong winds produced by the large storms.
After Hurricane Charley the Association in Punta Gorda Isle decided to allow metal into the area.  Many of the Homeowners there went with Metal tile to better protect from another storm, should one happen to go that way again.
Metal tile can be installed on residential as well as commercial roofs and is commonly used on mansards for town homes.  Many associations that have gone with metal tile are very pleased with the look, the lack of maintenance they have to perform and with the performance of the roofing system.  There are several manufacturers of metal tile and most of them have the same profiles, while they offer their own version of each color.