Tile roofs are usually the most common type of roof chosen for a Condominium Association or for a Home Owners Association.  Some commercial properties still use it for their mansard roofs, but it is not as common as it has been in previous years.  Tile roofs provide a way to give a community the same basic look, while still allowing the buildings to have a little bit of individuality that most home owners are looking for.  Tile roofs, just like most roof coverings, come in many profiles and colors. Most manufacturers have their own names for each style, and the styles differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.
You can use different types of underlayment for tile roofs, but most common is a peel & stick underlayment.  If a 30# felt is used you must use a second layer, it can either be a hot mopped or a peel & stick layer.  Using a peel & stick is usually the least expensive way to go and offers a better protection from the elements while using a single layer instead of a double layer.
Tile roofs can be installed using different attachment methods as well.  You can have them screwed on, foamed on or screwed and foamed.  All of the methods are good and will allow for your roof to give a lasting performance.
The main downfall to tile roofs is the fact that they do tend to get quite dirty after a few years.  Because of the fact that the tile is very porous it tends to hold in moisture and allow for mold, which looks like black dirt, to grow on the roof.  We have a product that we use to clean roofs and “coat” the roof with that has a two year warranty on it.  This product is called Roof A Cide and is environmentally friendly.  It keeps the roof from getting “dirty” for up to two years.  Please see our Service Department page to learn more about Roof A Cide.